Faith, Family, Friendship: The Heart of the Matter

Faith, Family, Friend: The Heart of the Matter

This book was birthed out of my life experiences and ministry. It is a tribute to what fills my life and gives it its meaning and purpose: my relationship with God, my family, the Church, my friendships, and individuals whom I have been privileged to know—living, or passed on before me. It is my prayer that the Spirit of God will minister to you as you read, and that you will consider, or re-consider, what “the heart of the matter” is for your life.

I would like to give special thanks to my Editor, Kat Spencer, whose diligence, professionalism, and patience are second to none. Without your expertise and guidance, this book would not have become a reality. Thank you!

And I would like to thank my Illustrator, Kaitlin Dewhirst, for her illustrations and design of the book cover. Miss Kaiti, you are a joy to work with! Your gift has made room for you. (Proverbs 18:16)

Michael M. McFadden

May 1, 2020